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June 13th 2018   Bench Events has agreed to offer a limited number of tickets to SAHIC 2018 to HotelSwaps members in return for HotelCoins. The event is being held at the InterContinental in Medellin, Colombia on Sep 24-25 2018.   SAHIC is an annual event of international level aimed at promoting the Hotel and Tourism Business,... Read more
June 6th, 2018   Andrews Inn is a superbly situated, tropical boutique guesthouse, where time slows in tune with the island’s relaxed essence. Andrews Inn is in the very heart of the famous historic Old Town Key West, down a shady lane just off Duval Street and bordering on the Hemingway House, one of the best-rated locations in... Read more
May 29th, 2018   Set in the heart of Palma de Mallorca’s historic quarter, Boutique Hotel Sant Jaume puts guests a stone’s throw from the Spanish island’s top attractions while immersing them in contemporary urban design and one of the island’s top culinary offerings.   Tomeu Restaurant amb Arrels is indeed the main draw, helmed... Read more