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May 9th, 2018   Located within the Village Market shopping and recreation complex in Nairobi’s northern Gigiri neighbourhood, Trademark Hotel is a strident work of concrete contemporaneity that plays host to 215 guestrooms, a popular bar and restaurant, and event spaces for up to 500 people.    Gigiri is the Kenyan capital’s... Read more
April 24th, 2018   HotelSwaps launches a brokerage service for its members, allowing hotel members to sell their surplus of HotelCoins to other hotel members.   There is an ever-increasing number of hoteliers using HotelSwaps to create a value from empty rooms and save on business and leisure travel around the world. What if there... Read more
April 17th, 2018   Luna2 opened in April 2013 in fashionable Seminyak, Bali. Uniquely known as a ‘studiotel’, this award-winning ultra-modern hotel features super-spacious studio rooms and intimate public spaces. Luna2 offers superstar levels of service and stellar standards of wining & dining, lounging & sleeping.   Award... Read more