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April 17th, 2018   Luna2 opened in April 2013 in fashionable Seminyak, Bali. Uniquely known as a ‘studiotel’, this award-winning ultra-modern hotel features super-spacious studio rooms and intimate public spaces. Luna2 offers superstar levels of service and stellar standards of wining & dining, lounging & sleeping.   Award... Read more
April 4th, 2018   Like a luxury cruise liner nestled on the hillside, the seductive, minimalist curves of Hotel Lone's design are influenced by the area's unique natural landscape. Situated in picturesque Rovinj, Hotel Lone is only a ten minute walk from the central town square. With four large auditoriums, three meeting rooms,... Read more
March 21st, 2018   Walking into Meson Nadi is like walking into the well-loved home of a friend who lives on a spectacularly exotic stretch of beach in a place where each piece of furniture or accessory has been handpicked or crafted with care. For Saskia and Dennis Nadi, this picture-perfect tropical dream set on one of the most... Read more