How it works

Use HotelCoins® to exchange your empty hotel rooms
with other member hotels worldwide

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  1. 1
    Earn HotelCoins

    Advertise your available rooms and earn HotelCoins by accommodating other HotelSwaps members free of charge.

  2. 2
    Transfer HotelCoins

    Transfer your hotel's HotelCoins to whomever you wish - employees, suppliers, friends, family or even yourself.

  3. 3
    Book free stays

    Use HotelCoins to book stays instantly from the rooms advertised by other hotel members or request a stay at any hotel for your specific dates.

Why should I join?

Hotel owner benefit
Use HotelCoins to pay for your own hotel reservations, or share them with family and friends. 

Business travel savings
Book free business travel accommodation for yourself and your colleagues.

Increased revenues
Earn revenues from HotelSwaps guests in food & beverage and other services at your hotel.

Barter with suppliers
Use your HotelCoins to pay leading hospitality suppliers for a variety of products and services.

Employee rewards
Offer HotelCoins as a cost-effective way to recognize your key hotel executives. 

Choice of destinations
Pay with HotelCoins for stays at any member hotel no matter which member stays at your hotel.

Quality hotels
HotelSwaps only accepts high quality hotels as members.

Instant availability
Book instantly from all rooms deposited by other hotel members.

Fair exchanges
Trade your rooms at a fair HotelCoin value based on the quality and seasonality of your hotel.

What our members say about us

 HotelSwaps is ideal for hotel owning companies like us wishing to create an alternative value from many unsold rooms.

We have used HotelSwaps over the past years to save on business travel for our heads of sales and rooms and generate additional revenues in restaurants, spa and room service in low and mid season. 
Shaun Leleu, January 2017
Managing Director of M.C. Hotels - Owners of Puente Romano Beach Resort & Spa. The Leading Hotels of the World. Marbella, Spain.

 The Baglioni Hotel in London, The Hideaways Club Chalet Etoile in the Swiss Alps, The American Colony in Jerusalem and JA Ocean View Hotel in Dubai are some of the destinations my family, close friends and I have stayed at free of charge thanks to HotelSwaps.

Being able to book from immediate availability has also pleased the few executive staff from my team I decided to reward in 2015 and 2016.

I save €200-€1000 a night on every booking I make. I would highly recommend HotelSwaps to any other hotel owner or General Manager.   
Walid Temimi, January 2017
General Manager of Hôtel Le Belmont, Preferred Hotels & Resorts, Paris, France

 Our people love HotelSwaps.

We do a competition among our 6 hotels every year. The team that wins gets a reward of 6000 HotelCoins. The GM distributes the HotelCoins in December the day after our staff party. Everyone gets enough for a free getaway in any hotel of the network.

We used to organise barter ourselves with a couple of hotels. Now people can use their HotelCoins to book at over 300 hotels.

We’ve rewarded our staff in 2015 and 2016 and are accumulating HotelCoins for 2017 already. 
Sandrine Verduci, February 2017
Revenue Manager of Inwood Hotels. Paris, France

 We broke even on our HotelSwaps Premium membership on day one. We used HotelCoins to purchase a full year subscription of the STR STAR Program subscription and saved £1500.    
Erick Kervaon, April 2017
General Manager of The Bingham, Richmond, London, United Kingdom