Hotel Galery69 – Design Hotels™, Stawiguda, Poland joins HotelSwaps

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December 7th, 2017
Hotel Galery69 is a place for dreamers, trend spotters and conscientious travelers. Aesthetically, emotionally and gastronomically, the 20-room lodge, which has its own spa and restaurant, takes inspiration from the surrounding environment. 
Frozen over or bathed in warm sun, the lakes of northeastern Poland are consistent in their splendor. Visit during the winter and members can ice skate as snow falls gently onto the red roofs of lakeside cottages. Make the same trip in the summer and it’s easy to spend lazy days fishing, swimming or kayaking as warm breezes ripple across the surface.
Local artists Małgosia and Wojciech Żółtowsky knew that one of this region’s lakes – Wulpińskie – would provide the perfect setting for a new kind of hotel, one which effortlessly melds art with unspoiled nature and an exhilarating mix of outdoor activities. Part showroom, part creative hangout, 
HotelSwaps is pleased to announce Hotel Galery69 as its newest member in Stawiguda, Poland.