Le Pigalle - Design Hotels™, Paris, France joins HotelSwaps

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December 3rd, 2018
It isn’t often that one gets a glimpse of a golden age these days. In the case of Le Pigalle, a shining new beacon in the Pigalle district, this age speaks of the Paris of Alexandre Dumas, Victor Hugo, and Edith Piaf. This once-seedy, neon-lit neighbourhood welcomed the creative, well heeled, and practitioners of the world’s oldest profession in equal measure. 
To capture the artistic and collaborative spirit once alive here, Le Pigalle has turned to the district’s residents to create what is a monumentally inspired, brazen, and energetic focal point. This authentic neighborhood hotel introduces you to the people and stories that make Pigalle so vibrant at every step, including photographs and illustrations by local artists, curated music by a neighborhood DJ, delicious baked goods delivered by a nearby bakery, a local flower shop by Muse.
HotelSwaps is pleased to announce Le Pigalle as its newest member in France.